Creekside Elementary
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Creekside Staff Directory

Office Phone: 509-867-2200 | Fax: 509-867-2220 | Attendance Line: 509-867-2284 (24hrs)

Principal: Laura Ketcham-Duchow 509-867-2210
Assistant Principal: Monica Piergallini 509-867-2211
Principal Administrative Assistant: Deawna Bochy 509-867-2201
Building Administrative Assistant: Erin Jennings 509-867-2202

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Phone- 509-867-

Courtney Alder K-5 Para Educator 2200
Ann Anderson Compass Para Educator (LR) 2200
Jordyn Andrade Developmental Preschool Teacher 2244
Kalin Armstrong Preschool Physical Therapist 2271
Rachel Armstrong 2nd Grade Teacher 2262
Teresa Arnzen K-5 School & Compass Psychologist 2200
DeAnn Beeman Occupational Therapist Para Educator 2200
Colleen Bloom Developmental Preschool Teacher 2246
Deawna Bochy Principal Administrative Assistant 2201
Mindi Bos Kindergarten Teacher 2254
Karen Breitenbach Preschool Teacher(LR) 2200
Gloria Burton OT/PT Para Educator(LR) 2200
Kim Byrd Developmental Preschool Paraeducator 2200
Hayley Calhoun Resource Room Teacher 2200
Kim Clark Resource Room Teacher 2256
Susan Cook ELC Assistant Preschool Teacher
ESD Assistant 2200
Curyn Denning 1st Grade Teacher 2258
Carrie Dinwoodie School Certificated Nurse 688-9128
Laura Duchow Principal 2210
Melissa Eckley Daytime Custodian 2242
Tina Elliott Preschool Educational Specialist 2223
Trish Emch Developmental Preschool Paraeducator 2200
Miranda Foraker ELC Co-Teacher & ELC Manager 2274
Jacob Fry Physical Education Teacher 2263
Cynthia Grant Compass Para Educator 2200
Rachael Grubb Compass Para Educator 2200
Bruce Hagstrom 4th/5th Grade Combo Teacher 2265
Amy Hegwood 3rd/4th Grade Combo Teacher 2260
Kristin Hermann Preschool Psychologist 2219
Anna James ELD Teacher 2200
Erin Jennings Building Administrative Assistant 2202
Stephanie Johnson School Classified Nurse 2234
Ashleigh Kenison 5th Grade Teacher 2259
Jamie Kissler Preschool Speech and Language Pathologist 2271
Laura Knutson Developmental Preschool Para Educator 2200
Lisa Kolman ELC Lead Teacher 2274
Cindy Latella 3rd Grade Teacher 2261
Kelly Leaf Preschool Occupational Therapist 2271
Linda Luiten Library Information Technology Specialist 2214
Linda Markley Developmental Preschool Paraeducator 2200
Christina Marshall Title Para Educator 2200
Bethany Mason Preschool Occupational Therapist 2271
Mike Mason K-2 Compass Lead Teacher 2248
Ryan McCollim Compass Para Educator 2200
Melissa McVay Developmental Preschool Para Educator 2200
Andrea Medrano Sensory Lab Para Educator 2200
Amanda Miller 1st Grade Teacher 2255
Kathy Morgan ELC Para Educator 2200
Cheyeanne Murphy SS Custodian 2242
Donn Nelson Sign Language Interpreter 2200
Melinda Nickeson Manager II 2215
Melyssa Noriega-Lopez ELC Para Educator 2200
Michelle Norwood Title 1 Teacher 2264
Jennifer Oglesbee Social Worker 2225
Chrissy Osborne Preschool Physical Therapist 2271
Kristy Oster ELC Para Educator 2200
Molly Owens Developmental Preschool Teacher 2245
Monica Piergallini Assistant Principal 2242
Lila Pippin 2nd Grade Teacher 2257
Elisha Price K-5 Resource Room Para Educator 2200
Janie Pryor Kindergarten Teacher 2253
Kim Rasmussen 3-5 Compass Lead Teacher 2248
Angela Ridgley Compass Behavior Technician 2200
Laura Ring ELC Lead Teacher 2276
Jamie Roberts Developmental Preschool Para Educator 2200
Brenda Schreiner Bookkeeper 2200
Tina Solomon Developmental Preschool Para Educator 2200
Kaytee Spilker ELC Para Educator 2200
Mindy Steeber 3/5 Combo Math Support 2200
Sadie Steffenhagen K-5 Para Educator 2200
Debra Tabacek Developmental Preschool Teacher 2247
Angela Thedens Music Room & Resource Room Teacher 2200
Stephanie Tomlin ELC Preschool Lead Teacher 2275
Wendy VanLandingham Compass Para Educator 2200
Monica Viramontes Developmental Preschool Para Educator 2200
Stephanie Wall Occupational Therapist 2271
Meghan Wallblom K-5 & Preschool Speech Language Pathologist 2271
Molly Ward LAP Learning Specialist 2264
Russ Wiemers Sign Language Interpreter 2200
Kelly Zeller ELC Special Education Teacher 2276