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Creekside Stinger Buzz, November 1 - 5, 2021

Creekside Stinger Buzz

November 1 – 5, 2021


Dear Creekside Stinger Families,

It's cooling off outside but warming up inside at Creekside as our Stingers learn, grow, and play each day. Thank you for making it a priority to read the communication we send home so your child's learning is maximized. Don't forget to sign up for text messages if you are not a regular email reader. 

Are you new to Creekside since school started? Please take a minute to read our Creekside Parent and Student Handbook. Take a look at pages for information related to drop off and pick up on page 21, with specific information on pages 25 - 30. 


Mrs. Duchow and Mrs. Piergallini



New News

No School

November 11: Veteran's Day

November 24, 25, 26: Thanksgiving Holiday


Picture Retakes

Tue. 11/23/21


Missing Creekside Walkie Talkie

We are missing a rather expensive Walkie Talkie used by our office staff at Creekside. Will you please ask your Stinger to be on the lookout for it? Thanks!


Creekside PTSO Facebook Page

The PTSO has a Facebook page and on it you'll see updates about PTSO events and Fundraisers. Check it out!


Student Drop Off Clarifications

As the weather grows colder and wetter, please remember that we do not have shelter or supervision for Stingers before 9:00 am each morning. Breakfast starts at 8:50, so those who come for breakfast may arrive at 8:50 or shortly before (8:45) but for student safety, those who do not eat breakfast should not arrive before 9 am. Also please be sure your Stinger is dressed for a Pacific Northwest winter each day, with layers, appropriate shoes, hats, and gloves. Please call Mrs. Oglesbee at 509-867-2200 if you have a need for support with any of these items.


Contacting Transportation when your Stinger is out sick

If your child rides a bus to or from school, please give the Transportation Department a call when he or she will be gone for a long period of time. 509-465-6107.


Covid Reminders and Clarifications

It seems Covid keeps hanging on. Please take a minute to review Mead's Covid mitigation practices:

Main Safety Protocols Page (to choose your own adventure!)

Symptoms, Illness, and Quarantine Guidelines (including important information about siblings of kids with symptoms)

Mask, PPE, and Hand Hygiene Guidelines (including specifics on mask requirements)





Old News…


Morning Line Up Reminders

If you are a parent who walks or drives your 1st through 5th grade Stinger to school, we respectfully ask that you drop him or her at the fence entry on Sheridan or Freya. If you are nervous about your child getting to line up independently, please let us know so we can provide some extra support. This is not only due to Covid, but also to support our 1st – 5th graders’ increasing independence, a goal we share.

Kindergarten children line up in a different area. Due to their children’s young age, Kindergarten parents are invited but not required to go to line up until the teachers arrive. Preschool families who drive their children to school are requested to bring them to line up every day. 

Creekside's Belonging Advisory Team

Our mission at Creekside is our reason for existing, for coming to work each day: Growth, Love, and Learning...Every Stinger, Every Day.

Our vision for Creekside is the way we will accomplish growth, love, and learning for every Stinger, every day. The four pillars of our vision for Creekside are Belonging, Independence, Mastery, and Generosity. This year we are studying the topic of "belonging" as a staff, asking the question, how do we ensure that every Stinger feels a sense of social belonging AND academic belonging, every day?  Fortunately, the Mead School District as a whole has made it a priority to build a sense of welcoming and belonging as well. Read our board-adopted and endorsed equity policy here.  Consider joining our Belonging Advisory Team and learn alongside us.

Kids Newspaper

Click here for fun regional educational news!

Intervention at Creekside

Did you know your K-5 Stinger receives intentional intervention at his or her level for a half an hour a day for reading and for math? These interventions are called "WIN" groups, which stands for "What I Need." All of our teachers study our kids' achievement data together and then create intervention groups for either remediation, reinforcement of grade level standards, or enrichment and extension depending upon the child's level.

Your child may go to any staff member for this work, so if you hear of your child going to see a different teacher for "WIN" groups, it means he or she is seeing that teacher to fill some gaps, continue the grade level learning, or enrich and extend. In some cases, kids get to see teachers they had last year. This does not mean they are "going back to last year's grade level." It just means that during that intervention time, their teacher from last year was able to take a group that may include kids from multiple grade levels. Please contact Mrs. Duchow if you have any questions about this practice.


Monday Folders, Grades K-5

Are you checking your child’s Monday folder EVERY Monday and returning it to school, EMPTY? Thank you for making this a part of your normal routine.

Nutrition Updates

We strive to offer great-tasting food that your students look forward to and enjoy. We are experiencing difficulties with food supply shortages that are impacting our menus. We understand how disappointing it can be for a student to go to school expecting to have their favorite school lunch and then have it change at the last minute, we don't like when that happens either.

We will do everything we can to stick to the menu that is posted online. Please use our online menu at to view the most accurate and up-to-date version of our daily offerings. You can also view up-to-date menus using the following QR codes to download the "My School Menus" app! Download the app here.

Academic Intervention at Creekside

At Creekside we are proud of the many ways we support our students. Take a look here to learn about academic supports at Creekside, including Dyslexia Screenings and Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports for academics and behavior.


Creekside School Rules

Creekside Stingers are trusted to be Safe, Respectful, and Responsible at all times.


No-cost Meals; Free and Reduced Application Reminder

This year, breakfast and lunch will be provided at no cost to all students (a la carte items, such as milk, must be paid for).

Although meals are provided at no cost, it is important for families to consider completing an application for free and reduced-priced meals anyway. Qualifying families can receive important resources such as Chromebook insurance and field trip fees at no cost.


Creekside's Vision

Creekside achieves its mission by intentionally shaping a culture

in which children belong to their community,

master emotional, social, and academic skills,

solve problems independently, and

give back to their community with generosity.