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Kindergarten Breakfast Clarification

Good day, Kindergarten Stinger Families!
This message is for families of Kindergarteners who eat breakfast at school or plan to take advantage of school breakfast in the future. All others may disregard.
If your Kindergarten school breakfast eater DOES NOT have any older siblings at Creekside, he or she will eat breakfast in class. This means he or she should go right to line up no earlier than 9 am, and will collect breakfast on the way to class and eat it there. 
If your Kindergarten school breakfast eater DOES have older siblings at Creekside, he or she may eat breakfast with siblings starting at 8:50 in the cafeteria.
Kindergarten school breakfast eaters who have older siblings MUST:
  • Enter through our 2nd Screener door, on the EAST side of the school, where Miss Elisha is.
  • Stay in their breakfast seat until 9:10, when the Kindergarten classes come through the doors from line up. 
Thank you for your cooperation with this request!
Mrs. Duchow