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Creekside Stinger Buzz October 5, 2020

Dear Families,
Thank you for all of your support and patience as we have launched our school year at Creekside!
Here is a little information for you for this week, October 5 - 9, 2020.
Creekside Rock Ceremony
On Friday we had a little "Creekside Rock Ceremony". Boy, did our project designers ever endow us with a tremendous number of rocks! Those rocks are just kid-fist sized as well.
To help our kids understand the importance of keeping these rocks on the ground and having respect for our beautiful building, we had our second Zoom assembly and each class tuned in. The children were read the poem, and then teachers took their students out to pick out a rock that would be theirs to keep forever, a part of Creekside Elementary School. After picking out their personal rocks, all of the other rocks must remain forever on the ground. 

I’m a Creekside Stinger!


I'm a Creekside Stinger!

I wear that name with pride.

On a day in 2020,

we Stingers first came inside.


Our school was new and shiny

when we started that first day.

We were in the middle of a pandemic,

but we all felt proud to say


That we were Creekside Stingers,

Happy, kind, and strong!

We knew that all together,

Nothing could go wrong.


The rock inside this bag?

Of Creekside, it’s just a part.

But I can keep this rock forever

And hold Creekside in my heart.

Picture Day
Just a reminder that Picture Day is Tuesday, October 6 for K-5 and our Tuesday/Thursday preschoolers. It is Wednesday, October 7 for our Wednesday/Thursday preschoolers, and our remote students from 11 - 12.
You will receive a picture envelope, but here is a message from our photographer at Dorian: Anyone ordering photos in person or remote is able to go to our website Go to online ordering. Put Creekside in as the school name and select  the photo date of October 6th.  From there all you need to do is fill in your students information.  You won't need to bring in an order for on picture day, since you ordered online. 
Stinger Swag
Remember to order your Stinger swag here! On Monday, our supplier is going to add preschool sizes in extra-small for our student shirts, which are only $4.25!!! If you are so inclined to order an extra shirt for a student who is not able to get one, we appreciate your generosity. If you do this, then just send the shirt to school with a note when your order arrives. I'm sorry for the delay in receiving our August orders. BSN offers high quality at an inexpensive price, but delivery is lagging.
PBIS Stinger Pride Tickets
Each week we draw a name from each grade level for Stinger Pride Tickets! Stinger Pride Tickets are offered for students who are following our Creekside Stinger Expectations of being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible. Rewards are all privileges and relational activities, no toys or trinkets. In our first drawing, fifth grader Eason B. chose the privilege of picking our next Stinger spirit day theme. He chose "Cat Day" and this last Friday we had a LOT of cat ears, cat whiskers, and even some cat tails! Thanks for helping your Stinger participate! Braelynn had a blast with this one! Check out her photo on our homepage!
Thanks for reading, Stinger families!
Mrs. Duchow