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Creekside Day One: In the Books!

Dear Creekside Families,

What a great day it was in our beautiful new building! Thank you for your patience as we worked out the kinks. Here are a few important reminders that will help us get to smooth sailing!

  • First, GREAT JOB allowing our buses the use of the drop-off loop. We didn't have one single fender bender or close call! Kudos, Stinger Parents!
  • After today, we ask that all parents of 1st - 5th graders say goodbye to their Stingers at the fence on Sheridan or Freya. Kindergarten parents may accompany their children to line up the first day and every day.
  • If you establish a meeting spot with your child, please have it be somewhere on Sheridan or Freya and NOT on Hastings.
  • Please do not park on Hastings. Park only on Sheridan or Freya.
  • Encourage your kids in grades 1-5 who are waiting for siblings to meet on the blacktop at a landmark there, such as a basketball hoop, then go to the car (or to the bus line, or to walk home) together. All first - fifth grades will come out the North Wing door. All Kindergarteners will come out the door by the cafeteria next to Sheridan Street. Older siblings can pick their Kindergarten siblings up there.
  • Please consider sending a water bottle with your child to school; fountains are sadly off-limits due to Covid restrictions, but we have great water bottle fillers!
  • FINALLY...Thank you so very much for your patience with our attestation process. We know it has some definite wrinkles but we'll get them ironed out. Until then, here are some tips:
    • Check your email or your texts for the survey to be emailed or texted to you. 
    • Didn't get the email or text? Go here and use the QR code method, following the directions, if you have a computer or laptop.
    • No computer to help you with the QR code? Soon there will be a hyperlink to the survey on this page (but not today...sorry!).
    • None of these steps worked? Call the office at 867-2200 after 8 am to let us ask you the questions over the phone before your child arrives.

You are on information overload, so thank you for taking the time to read this! Go Stingers!


Mrs. Duchow