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Multi-Tiered Systems of Support at Creekside

Creekside Elementary is a school where ALL kids can find success.  We are committed to ensuring that each child makes significant academic progress each year. To do this, we focus on providing high quality reading instruction for all students and continuously review information that tells us how each child is progressing. Teacher teams in your school use this process to provide multiple tiers or levels of instructional support based on student need. This is called a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS).


What is MTSS?

MTSS focuses on providing high-quality instruction for all students. In the first tier of support, classroom teachers provide strong reading instruction daily, working with both large and small groups of students during the designated reading time. During this time, all students receive the support and/or enrichment they need in order to demonstrate growth in their reading skills. All students are screened multiple times throughout the year. The results from the screening help schools determine students who may need additional support to ensure they are on track for healthy reading outcomes. School teams use the screening data to plan for additional small group reading instruction for these students who show risk factors for reading difficulties, as an additional level of tiered support. Teachers monitor the progress of students receiving additional support and use the data to increase the level of intensity of the reading support as needed. Students who catch up to grade-level reading goals no longer need intervention and continue with the core reading instruction provided by the classroom teacher.



In Mead School District, all students are screened three times per year on reading skills. This year, part of this process includes screening K-2 students for indicators that may be associated with dyslexia. School teams use the screening data to decide which students are doing well in the regular classroom instruction and which students may need supplemental reading instruction to support their development of reading skills.  When students receive supplemental small group reading instruction, we check their progress frequently. School teams use the data to decide if the child needs to have a different kind of supplemental instruction or a more intensified small group intervention. The key idea is to make changes when instruction is not working for a child.


If after a period of instruction, there is still a concern that a more intensive level of support is not helping the child progress, we will plan a more individualized intervention. During individualized interventions, we check your child’s progress more frequently. If a student makes limited progress during an individualized intervention, we may ask for your permission to conduct an individual evaluation. This evaluation might result in the identification of a learning disability. No evaluation would be conducted without your written consent.


Thank you for partnering with us to ensure the best learning opportunities for your child.  We are looking forward to a successful year together.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.



Laura Ketcham-Duchow

Principal, Creekside Elementary School

Mead School District